About me

I Will Design And Customize 4 Web2 Blog Website For Your Business

Greetings !

In this Gig, I am offering You sir a beautiful custom 4 blogs Design for Your business. To Use these you can Marketing or branding or showcase Your skills . Here I will Create and Design these blgs-website on 4 CMS website like WordPress , Weebly , Wix and Blogsopt .

What are the main benefits of this blogs?

  •  Full Width theme
  • add Google AdSense
  • Custom Design
  • 100% Bug free
  • Slider
  • Contact page
  • Registration (for weebly and Wix)

Actually, its  full  fresh website .However, I have offering three packages are

1.) For Individual  : I will Design and Customize full 4 Web2 Creation for individual such as Weeding,Portfolio,Photography etc.

2.) For Business  : I will Design and Customize full 4 Web2 Creation for Business such as  Newspaper, Service provider etc.

3.) For E-commerce blg: I will Design and Customize full 4 Web:2 Creation for E-commerce like Real estate, Marketplace etc

Surety : I am offering these Surety are..

  • Money back guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction

If You feel need more please contact with me immediately